Soliloquy 2019




The act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any listeners.

Soliloquy 2019 was a multi-artform visual project for young people/emerging artists aged 18-25. The project combined digital art, sound, projection, literary narrative and spoken word into an immersive festival experience. 

Premiering at Junction Arts Festival in 2019, Soliloquy consisted of three interconnected five minute acts. Each act of a recorded spoken narrative combined with a high quality mapped digital projection of video, stills, sounds and colours. Facilitating the project was renowned Victorian projection company, Video Architecture who specialise in using digital technology to re-imagine public spaces through drawing, photography, painting,movement, light and sound.

Soliloquy 2019 was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Artists: MENTORS:

Ben Barwick Jim Coad

Claire Farrell Kitty Taylor

Clara Martin Nathan Tucker

Daniel Story

Emma Magnuson-Reid

Henry East

Kara Kollo-Hay

Maddie Aulich

Mentor Jim Coad with Emerging Composer Claire Farrell

Mentor Jim Coad with Emerging Composer Claire Farrell


professional development for young artists

Eight young Tasmanian artists participated in Soliloquy receiving:

  • Professional and creative development,

  • Creative exchange across multiple art forms,

  • Arts business mentorship,

  • Network development,

  • Paid opportunity, and

  • A professionally produced quality artistic end-product.

Excerpt from Soliloquy 2019, performed at Junction Arts Festival.

Script: Clara Martin

Music: Claire Farrell & Ben Barwick

Voice: Kara Kollo-Hay

Filming: Emma Magnuson-Reid

Visuals: Kara Kollo-Hay, Emma Magnuson-Reid, Maddie Aulich, Henry East, Daniel Story, Clara Martin, Claire Farrell & Ben Barwick

Mentors: Jim Coad, Nathan Tucker & Kitty Taylor