Regional Paradigms

“We believe that through connectivity, innovation and collaboration we can create new opportunities, foster engagement and excellence in the Tasmanian regional arts sector and community.”


Regional Paradigms is the evolution of our Regional Arts Network Tasmania programming. Paradigms are concepts, beliefs, experimental practices, theories and ways of thinking. The word is drawn from the Latin and Greek concept to show.

Regional areas are vital to the future of this country and regional arts are so deeply interwoven into these communities. Regional arts create employment opportunities, builds professional and creative capacity, invigorates tourism and encourages partnerships and investment. The true power of arts in regional and remote areas can be seen in: the many examples of innovation and collaboration; the driving of difficult (and necessary) conversations; the reimagining and reinvigoration of disused and forgotten places; the connections to the land and its traditional custodians; and those mind-blowing first art experiences that can, in many cases, change lives.

This program seeks to highlight, develop, inspire, connect and showcase excellence, innovation and trailblazing in Tasmanian regional arts.