“The world is beginning to recognise how art influences and intersects with every facet of our society. Through these pathways, we can explore new possibilities, promote awareness and improve our health and wellbeing.”


The Pathways program is new for RANT Arts and builds upon the NDIS programming and sector research conducted. The intersection between arts and health is a growing movement that is gaining significant support from educators, health practitioners, artists, governments and the private sector worldwide. We have become keenly aware of a need for greater focus upon how creative experiences and creative expression can enhance or create health outcomes.

After significant sector and academic research, it became clear that the intersection between arts and health was only one aspect of how the arts impacts upon our society. Sustainability is a key RANT objective and we are aware of the growing calls for and even the necessity to have those difficult conversations about the environment and conservation.

This was the origins of RANT’s Pathways program and over the next twelve months we will conduct sector research, trial new projects and establish cross-sector partnerships to build the long-term foundations for this new programming.

The first development in this new programming for RANT, in addition to our relaunched NDIS projects, is the relaunch of the Minds Do Matter exhibition.