Soliloquy is a multi-artform visual project for artists aged 18-25. The project combines digital art, sound, projection, literary narrative and spoken word into an immersive experience for Junction Arts Festival 2019. As a literary mechanism, the soliloquy is the act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any listeners. The concept draws from the Latin solus “alone” and loqui “to speak”. The Soliloquy project is a large-scale mapped projection installation using the iconic and historic facade of Chalmers church in Launceston, now Walker Designs. Each soliloquy will consist of five minutes of recorded spoken narrative combined with a high quality mapped digital projection of video, stills, sounds and colours. We have partnered with Video Architecture, a Victorian projection company specialising in using digital technology to re-imagine public spaces through drawing, photography, painting, movement, light and sound.

Who are we looking for?

Soliloquy is part of RANT Arts Rising Phoenix Program which supports professional developmet opportunities for young artists. We are seeking Artists between the ages of 18-25 who work in any medium (such as: visual arts, writing, acting, film, music, spoken word, digital media). 9 Artists will be selected to work in a groups of 3 to co-create the work. Participants will need to travel to Launceston to attend workshops and fortnightly development sessions. Artists must be Tasmanian residents.

Will I be paid?

Yes, each Artist will be paid an Artist fee of $500.

When is the project?

1st May 2019 Selected Artists will be notified

7th May induction session and Narrative Workshop at RANT Arts Launceston

13th-17th May Video Architecture in Launceston (Mapping Workshop)

Participants to negotiate with RANT Arts on a fortnightly development day

22nd August- 8th September Video Architecture is in Launceston

4th -8th September Junction Arts Festival

What will the finished work be like?

There will be 3 groups that each help to create a 5 minute story. The story is told using audio and visuals that will be projected onto the facade of the Chalmers Church. These videos will be played on a loop.