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Community Grants

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting cultural activity in regional and remote Australia, the program is administered in the state by RANT Arts.


Important dates

Round 1, 2019 – For projects commencing after 1 August 2019

Opens: Tuesday 15 January 2019

Closes: Friday 1 March 2019


Round 2, 2019 – For projects commencing after 1 February 2020

Opens: Monday 1 July 2019

Closes: Thursday 15 August 2019


The announcement of funding is made by the Federal Minister about four and half months after applications are submitted. At this time successful applicants will be notified by phone. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email and will be given the opportunity to receive feedback.

Who can apply?

All artists and arts organisations in Tasmania, including Hobart based organisations and artists, are classified as regional and therefore meet the location eligibility criterion of the Regional Arts Fund.

Further to this requirement:

  • Individuals and organisations can apply for Regional Arts Fund Community Grants provided they are based in Tasmania and where the primary beneficiaries are Tasmanian residents

  • Young and emerging artists, artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, Indigenous artists and artists with disability are strongly encouraged to apply

  • Applications from remote and isolated communities, or communities experiencing significant disadvantage are strongly encouraged to apply.

How much can I apply for?

RAF Small Community Grants Program
This category funds eligible components of projects up to the value of $5 000. Projects should support Tasmanian artists, arts organisations and communities in developing new work or creative projects in any art form. Projects should increase professional skill levels, promote dialogue, generate employment opportunities and/or activate partnerships. Funds can be used to develop a project for further funding through RAF or other sources.

RAF Major Community Grants Program
Up to $10 000 and are directed towards both individuals and organisations for projects that generate partnerships between a range of arts organisations, community organisations, government entities and businesses. Projects in this category should encourage sustainable arts and cultural development activity by enhancing the organisational capacity of the grant recipient to plan and deliver on major projects.

What do I need to provide with my application?

The following information is required:

  • The completed application form including a balanced project budget.

  • Details of your auspicing organisation (if required)

  • A one page resume/CV for all paid professional personnel in the project. (If you can we recommend you consolidate these into one PDF)

  • Samples of artwork by paid artists and key artistic personnel involved in the project. (This can include images, PowerPoint slides, soundtracks, videos, catalogues, reviews, articles, programs or critiques – quality rather than quantity is the recommendation here)

  • A maximum of three support letters. (If you can we recommend you consolidate these into one PDF)

  • Confirmation of key personnel (eg by email or a scanned copy of a letter). (If you can we recommend you consolidate these into one PDF)

If your project involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander content, your application must include evidence of consultation with the relevant community.

If you are unsure about how to appropriately consult with community please contact RANT Arts for assistance.

How to apply

  1. Read the RANT Arts RAF Guidance material before starting your application.

  2. Contact a member of the RANT Arts team prior to commencing your application. This is to ensure your project is eligible and to provide any assistance you may require with your application. Book in a time to speak with us by clicking here.

  3. Apply online via the above links.